As computers get faster and more powerful we get to see better 3D renderings. Artists who opt to make photo-realistic pieces get to achieve some unbelievable results, so unbelievable that it may look more realistic than a photograph, which is insane.

During a visit to the amazing CGSociety I got to see some of the best 3d renderings out there. Truly a place where the best gather, and I felt the urge to show you some of the amazing pieces I saw there. These were done by fantastic artists, and for more of their astonishing work you may visit each portfolio by clicking the images. Don't forget to also check more great artists at CGSociety. It's totally worth the visit.

Mariano Steiner

Luc Bégin

Guillermo Soria

Tolgahan Güngör

Toni Bratincevic

Marek Denko

Andrew Hickinbottom

Meny Hilsenrad

Guang Yang

Christopher Brändström

Arda Koyuncu

Martin Nabelek

Victor Hugo Queiroz

Anderson Brüning

Zbynek Kysela

David Moratilla Amago

Juan Siquier

Dan Roarty

Hanno Hagedorn

Jin Hee Lee

ZhiHeng Tang

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