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Digital-Tutors releases new Transforming Robot tutorials | 3D World

Digital-Tutors releases new Transforming Robot tutorials

News | Products | 10/04/2012 17:45pm
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Digital-Tutors Transformers training

UPDATED: Learn how to make your very own Transformers – Digital-Tutors has released all ten volumes of its highly anticipated Transforming Robot Production Pipeline

A little while back, Digital-Tutors announced that it was working on something special, teasing you to get ready for the Transformation.

UPDATED: 10 April 2012: Digital-Tutors has released the 10-volume series covering the Transforming Robot Production Pipeline. This high-level series guides artists through the steps of creating their own complete transforming robot and incorporating it into live-action footage – from concepting to compositing.

Now Digital-Tutors has released the first three volumes of the Transforming Robot Production Pipeline. These volumes cover the initial concept and design and the modelling and texturing of the truck, which will eventually transform and composite into live-action footage with the release of new training content in April.

Volume 1: Concept and Design

Volume 2: Truck Modeling

Volume 3: Truck Texturing

Volume 4: Robot Modelling

Volume 5: Robot Texturing

Volume 6: Rigging

Volume 7: Match Moving

Volume 8: Animation

Volume 9: Lighting and Rendering

Volume 10: Compositing

Digital-Tutors has also added new training for April

April’s new content continues to build on a great year of new training releases for 2012. With a total of 22 new and detailed tutorials and over 68 hours of training content, there’s something for every artist this month. New training includes tutorials for Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, modo, Fusion, ZBrush, Mari and more.

Visit the Digital-Tutors new-training page for detailed information on all of the latest releases.

You want more articles on Transformers too?

To accompany Digital-Tutors new release of its most requested training in the history of the company, we thought we’d make an event of it and have a Transformers week.

Transformers week included:

The Embassy on the art of robotics



Rig your own Transformer in LightWave


Read the making of Transformers (2007)

Read the making of Transformers 2

Watch the Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Trailer:

Watch the What’s new in March 2012 video:

Visit Digital-Tutors

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